A Glimpse into the Art Extravaganza at the Alcaidesa Boutique Hotel x Entre Palmeras Rooftop Bar

A Glimpse into the Art Extravaganza at the Alcaidesa Boutique Hotel x Entre Palmeras Rooftop Bar

Hello, art aficionados and fellow creative souls!

I'm excited to share a recent art adventure with you that took place earlier this month. I had the fantastic opportunity to exhibit my artwork at Entre Palmeras Rooftop Bar, which sits atop the stunning Alcaidesa Boutique Hotel in the beautiful Costa del Sol. This place is an absolute gem, offering breathtaking views and some of the tastiest cocktails around. 

Seriously, the views are to die for!

The art exhibition coincided with a rooftop bar makeover that had everyone buzzing with excitement. To add to the buzz, I organised a series of art classes the day before the big show.

The evening unfolded like a canvas waiting to be painted, and boy, did it come alive. We were gearing up for something truly magical.

You see, I've recently made the leap from London to sunny Spain, and what better way to embrace my new home than by sharing my artistic creations with the locals? Their warm welcome was nothing short of heartwarming. From local art collectors to interior designers, I had the pleasure of meeting art enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Every single painting of mine has a story to tell and it was a pleasure to introduce everyone to the vision and mission behind my happiness-inducing collection.

And here's the best bit - if you missed the one-day extravaganza, don't fret! You can still feast your eyes on some of my prized artworks, proudly on display at the Alcaidesa Boutique Hotel.

They're there, waiting to catch your attention and spark your imagination. But that's not all, my friends. Get ready for something exciting - the Artful Creative Club is in town! It's the place where art takes flight and creativity knows no bounds.

At Entre Palmeras Rooftop Bar, every other Wednesday, we're turning the terrace into a canvas of dreams. Whether you're an art novice itching to make your mark or a seasoned creative looking for inspiration, all are welcome. You can grab your spot right here

Come on over, book your space, and let's embark on an artistic journey that promises to be as delightful as the finest cocktail at Entre Palmeras. Cheers to art, life, and endless creativity!  

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