Hello, I'm KAKE...
As a British-Polish abstract artist, my mission is to infuse joy, foster a deep love for art, and harness the healing power of creativity across generations. 

With my vibrant paintings and interactive creative classes, I aim to nurture a passion for art while emphasising its pivotal role in enhancing mental well-being and resilience.

Art, for me, is an exhilarating journey marked by experimentation, a celebration of imperfections, and the discovery of innovative solutions. 

My expertise predominantly centres around abstract art, with acrylics as my primary medium, but my exploratory spirit knows no boundaries. I continually explore diverse mediums such as gold leaf, pastels, watercolours, gouache, oils, paper, plaster, and resin, fuelling my relentless pursuit of knowledge and creativity. 

My art is akin to the perfect cherry on top of the cake of every interior, creating an atmosphere of joy and curiosity within any space. It seamlessly complements both minimalist and maximalist interiors, serving as a captivating addition to any environment.
I believe that everyone can find art that reflects their personality in my collection of paintings and limited prints.

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Kasia Sanderson x

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Your Home With & Without KAKE Art

Discover the difference that original art will make in your home.
Home Without Art
Home With KAKE Art

What Is So Unique About KAKE Art?

Art Infused With

The Power Of Healing Crystals

Some of my paintings have been infused with healing crystals to bring good energy to your space and create unforgettably unique designs. All crystals are carefully cleansed and charged before being applies onto canvas. 
Uniquely Designed

Happy Colour Palette

Warm colours can spark a variety of emotions ranging from comfort and warmth to hostility and anger. Using the power of Chromology, I pick every colour, shade and hue with absolute precision to ensure that the art I create has positive connotations.
Every painting is meant to

Induce Joy & Happiness

Art has the power to evoke emotions. They range from happiness and calmness to anxiety and confusion. Every piece in the KAKE collection is very considered and I make sure to use only the happy colours in every single piece so that my art brings about only positive feelings.
Contemporary abstract art

With A Hidden Meaning

To help you discover them, I created the Conversation Starters for every painting, so that you can charm your house guests with your impeccable knowledge of art and trends. 

What Is So Unique About KAKE Art?

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