What Is The Artful Creative Club?

Welcome to the Artful Creative Club, a one-of-a-kind initiative designed for all of you who seek a haven of creativity and self-discovery. 

Our essence lies in embracing the journey of creativity itself, rather than fixating on the end result. With a focus on holistic personal growth, our art classes provide a unique space where you can immerse yourself in learning, artistry, and mindful exploration.
  • Creative abstract art classes for adults

  • Based in Sotogrande, La Alcaidesa, Gibraltar, San Roque, Guadiaro and Estepona... but we keep growing!

  • All materials are included within the cost of the course

  • The classes will take place in multiple locations across Costa del Sol, including kids' clubs, hotels, bars and golf clubs

  • We do run 1-to-1 and drop in art session for those who want to work on specific projects with their mediums of choise

Our Locations



Entre Palmeras



Flamenco Rosa



Fresco Marina



The San Roque Club



Hustle N Flow

Upcoming Art Classes


If you are having any issues with your booking, please contact Kasia at +44 07922274517 (WhatsApp) or email at hello@kakeart.com

Abstract Art Classes For Adults

You will learn how to harness the power of creativity.

By incorporating positive reinforcement techniques, meditation and the power of colour, the creative classes will serve you as a catalyst for personal growth, promoting qualities such as joy, happiness, mindfulness, positivity, kindness, and inclusivity.

Join us in the quest to abandon perfectionism and self-criticism. 

As you will engage in the artistic sessions, you will not only acquire technical skills but also internalise the positive values and grow your self-esteem. 

My method of teaching focuses on nurturing self-awareness and empathy, fostering a deeper connection to your own well-being and radiating positivity.

Creative Club Members


meet new people, enjoy time with friends, spark creativity, and indulge in playful art experimentation.

Gift Cards

Exciting News! Introducing Artful Creative Club Gift Cards—an artistic delight for your loved ones! 🎨✨ 
Searching for the perfect gift that sparks creativity and joy? Look no further! Our Gift Cards unlock a world of artistic adventures at the Artful Creative Club. Whether they're aspiring artists or seasoned creators, give the gift of inspiration and self-expression.


Meet Your Tutor

Hi, my name is Kasia and I am the artist behind KAKE art. I currently live in Alcadeisa and have a studio in Sotogrande. I'm addicted to vibrant colours and unusual designs. When I'm not painting, you'll find me by a sewing machine designing my slow fashion wardrobe.

Since arriving to Costa del Sol from London, I've been collaborating with local businesses to orchestrate events and courses, fostering a sense of community in the area.
I believe that art is about having fun, making mistakes and looking for creative solutions to fix them.
My mission is to infuse homes with happiness through my art and impart my knowledge through engaging creative courses. Surrounding ourselves with beauty can profoundly impact our daily lives.

My expertise lies in abstract art, primarily using acrylics, but my inquisitiveness knows no limits. I'm consistently experimenting with various mediums—gold leaf, pastels, watercolors, gouache, oils, paper, plaster, and resin—continuously fueling my passion for learning. Yet, the true excitement for me lies in sharing my insights and nurturing creative curiosity within our local community.

'art is about having fun, making mistakes & looking for creative solutions'