5 Reasons Why You Need Art In Your Home

Decorating your home can be a challenging task, as there are countless options to choose from. Some people also don't believe they know enough about art to trust themselves in invest in original art.

While some you have opted for empty walls or generic art prints in the past, I want you to know what are the numerous advantages to decorating your home with original paintings and original reproduction prints. Today I want to share with you all the benefits of having original artwork in your home and why you shouldn't be scared to invest in your space.

Art Adds Personality and Character to Your Space


One of the most significant advantages of having original paintings in your home is that they add personality and character to your space. Original paintings are one-of-a-kind pieces that have their unique style, colours, and textures, and they can make a statement in any room. Don't be afraid if you don't know much about art in general. 

I like to think of my paintings as conversion starters. The beauty of abstract art is that everyone sees something different in every painting and that in itself is the most wonderful miracle of art. So be brave, use original art as a conversation starter and give your guests, family and friends a glimpse into your personality and interests.




Enhances Your Mood and Well-being


It is a known fact that original paintings have the power to enhance your mood and well-being. Studies have shown that looking at art can reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and even lower your blood pressure. Furthermore, original paintings can evoke emotions and feelings that generic prints cannot, making your home a more meaningful and enjoyable place to be. 

If that wasn't enough, I make sure that KAKE art paintings folllow the science of chromology, ensuring that every single colour, shade and hue is carefully selected and put together to create positive and happy emotions. Every painting and its colour palette has a deeper meaning. Check out my current collection of original paintings to see a few examples of how you can make your home a happy place. 

 reasons for having art in your home

Art Gives You a Sense of Pride and Accomplishment


Having original paintings in your home can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. By purchasing original artwork, you are investing in something that is unique and valuable, and it can give you a sense of ownership and accomplishment. You can also take pride in the fact that you are supporting your favourite artists and making a positive impact on the world.


Paintings Increase the Value of Your Home


Original artwork is a valuable asset that can increase the value of your home. Unlike generic prints or posters, original paintings are unique and rare, making them a valuable investment. They also tend to appreciate in value over time, meaning that your investment could pay off in the future. 

Green Painting Lime Squeeze How to Increase the value of your home with art

By Buying Originals You Support The Artists You Love 


By purchasing original paintings, you are supporting the unique art industry and the artists themselves. Whether they are international or local to you, by buying directly from the artist and following their journeys on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, you are signing up to their story. It's more personal than buying from a retailer and in my opinion, way more interesting. I like to think that I vote with my money and want support the people I like and admire to encourage them to keep creating beauty.

Many artists struggle to make a living - galleries charge unbelievably high commissions whilst large retailers want to pile artwork high and sell it cheap, often devaluing the importance of art. By purchasing paintings directly from the artist, you are helping them continue to create unique beauty and pursue their passion. You can be proud that having original artwork in your home also supports local art communities and helps them thrive.




All in all, decorating your home with original paintings has numerous advantages over leaving your walls empty or buying art prints from high-street retailers that don't mean anything to you. Original paintings and original art prints add personality and character to your space, increase the value of your home. They provide you with a chance to support your favourite or local artists, enhance your mood and well-being, and give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. If you are looking for a way to elevate your home décor, consider investing in original artwork.


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