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Superlative Summit

Superlative Summit

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Original acrylic paint pour painting. 

Superlative Summit is a contemporary medium-sized abstract painting that will make a statement in every interior. 

Featuring a modern and fresh colour palette, this painting is filled with positive emotions. Through its unique design mimicking mountainous terrain symbolising the ups and downs that life throws at us, it brings a feeling of movement and fluidity to the piece.

*Please mind the painting is sold without the frame. I displayed my artwork framed so you can imagine it better in your own home.  

Did you know that... :

Every painting in the KAKE Art collection has a carefully curated colour palette that is designed to evoke different emotions? 

My ultimate mission is to bring joy and happiness to your home. I have no doubt that Blue Ocean Marble will do just that! 

The meaning of this art piece:

The Superlative Summit painting is the first of the new design that I developed in 2023. It symbolised the fluidity of life. It serves as a reminder that nothing in life is truly constant and we all go through our own ups and downs. The important thing is the attitude we adopt for every challenge thrown at us.

Every colour I used in this painting has a hidden meaning.

White: Purity and simplicity. Symbolises the beginning stages of our lives from the time we were born.

Luminous green: The symbol of money, luck and health, which often bring a feeling of jealousy amongst people who may not wish us as well as we'd hope.

King's Blue: Acts as a reminder that trustworthiness and reliability are more valuable than gold. Blue is also meant to promote the feeling of tranquility. I hope you can feel it. 

Yellow: I used lots of it in this painting to promote the feeling of optimism, good energy and joy. It's known as a colour of happiness and friendship. I love yellow for its positivity and in my colour palette, the more yellow the merrier.

Red: The colour of courage and love. You need both to conquer what life throws at you so I could have not included it here.

Navy: Delicately interlacing with the red, Navy Blue is a symbol of trust and stability.

Burgundy: Stands for ambition, wealth and power. The things we increasingly seek as a society.

Black: In the dictionary of colour, black symbolises mystery, power, elegance and sophistication. I also decided to give it a double meaning by placing it at the bottom to symbolise the end, contrasting with the new beginning (White) sitting at the very bottom.

Product details:

  • Leading colours: White, King's Blue, Luminous Green, Yellow, Red, Navy Blue, Burgundy and Black
  • Size: 12'' x 16'' / 30cm x 40cm
  • Cotton canvas
  • Finish: Gloss & Matte
  • The painting DOES NOT come with a frame. I would recommend purchasing a floating frame to complement and elevate the look of this painting.
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