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Sotogrande Saturday Morning Art Mingle: Holiday Vibes 29/06/24

Sotogrande Saturday Morning Art Mingle: Holiday Vibes 29/06/24

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Date: Saturday 29th of June 2024

Time: 10:00am -12:00pm

Where: Fresco Marina Sotogrande, Gallery Room

Art materials are included.

Drinks and nibbles you may wish to order are excluded - we all pay for our own. 

You are welcome to come with your own tools if you wish. Each week has a theme, but you are welcome to paint anything your heart desires. 

48-hour cancellation applies. 

The class will go ahead if a minimum of 5 people book in. I will let you know if the class will not be able to go ahead and you will receive a full refund.


Dive into the spirit of summer at our Acrylic Paint Art Class! Join us at the Artful Creative Classes this week as we celebrate the season with our special theme: Holiday Vibes.

In this inspiring session, I'll guide you in mastering the unique techniques of acrylic painting, from bold brushstrokes to intricate detailing. Discover how acrylics offer a different experience from watercolours, with their versatility, quick drying time, and vibrant, opaque colours that allow for rich layering and texture.

Whether you're captivated by sun-soaked beaches, vibrant tropical scenes, lush landscapes, or charming seaside towns, this class is your opportunity to bring the joy and relaxation of summer holidays to life on canvas. We'll delve into the nuances of acrylics, exploring how to create depth, texture, and dynamic compositions with this versatile medium.

No matter your skill level, from novice to seasoned artist, my friendly instructions will provide expert guidance to help you bring your vision to life. Discover the joy of playing with bold colours, experimenting with acrylic techniques, and capturing the essence of summer in your unique style.

Immerse yourself in the creative process, and let the holiday scenes on your canvas transport you to a world of sunshine and adventure. Whether you're seeking a solo artistic adventure or a fun outing with a friend, this class offers the perfect opportunity to unwind, explore, and create.

Parents, bring along your teenage children for a memorable bonding experience filled with creativity and summer fun!

Join me for an afternoon of artistic exploration and celebrate the beauty of the summer holiday season through vivid acrylics. Reserve your spot today and get ready to paint your very own masterpiece!

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